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What Happened to Winter? February in the Garden

I love to wander around my yard and see the small things: the arrival of bees (or aphids), the changing of leaves, the first spring flowers. I’m not sure what happened to the El Nino and all the rain and cold weather we were supposed to get this winter in Los Angeles. A ridge of high pressure has kept the needed rain mostly to the north. It’s beautiful here, but too warm already. I was in Connecticut last week with my Client Attraction Business School peeps, and it was 24 degrees. I came home, and it’s been in the low 80s.

So I have been wandering around…Some observations: The Hardenbergia is blooming and full of bees (yay!). I have too much rosemary in my yard although I do love the blue flowers against the dark green leaves. My mini daffodils bloomed while I was away and are now past their peak, but the double Narcissus are in full bloom and the mix of their fragrance combined with my neighbor’s overloaded tangerine tree is intoxicating (someone needs to make a perfume). Plants and trees are feeling for spring: daisies, hellebores, the peach tree in my back yard are all starting to bloom. Sadly, though, my Magnolia soulangeana, which I planted because it always blooms at this time of year around my birthday, is bare. I think the drought has not been kind to it, and I am not sure if it can survive another year.

I am standing on my grass, or what’s left of it. I have a cottage garden, and I just can’t bare to rip it out. I am suddenly inspired by some lovely clients that I have. They love to toss handfuls of clover and other wildflower seeds into their lawn to see what wonders spring up. I am going to do the same.

I’d love to hear what’s going on in your garden. If you are staring a garden full of snow, what is the first sign of spring in your yard?

Peach blossoms and a happy beeThe last of the winter CyclamenHellebores – one of my early spring favorites!My neighbor has the best tangerines!Tiny yellow daisies a popping out!Paperwhites (Narcissus) smell so good!