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Patricia’s Garden

I’ll admit that I am an introvert. I’m not shy, but I am pretty much a classic introvert. Situations with too many people drain my energy and make me cranky. With that said, it is pretty unusual for me to tell my husband (who is an extrovert) to pull the car over because I wanted to introduce myself to a lady who is in front of her house tending her adorable cottage garden.

We were in Santa Rosa, CA having a long overdue weekend away sans kids and pets. Being that spring was beginning to pop out all over, I warned him that I would be Instagramming the trip (you can follow me on Instagram here). Daffodils were everywhere, and the streets were lined with flowering pear and plum trees. We had finished walking through the Luther Burbank home and Gardens, and had driven away when I saw the garden with its stacked stone beds, sweet white fence, and lots of containers of spring flowers. A woman in her 70’s was kneeling by the rose covered arbor pruning when we drove by. Suddenly I told my husband to stop and turn around. I wanted to meet her and take pictures of her garden.

So we turned around. I got out of the car and told her how beautiful her garden was. She said that the rose vine was getting the best of her this year. I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Patricia. We talked about her garden, about how she and her nephew traveled to the American River and collected the blue stone for her garden beds. I met her cats. I admired a particular plant and asked what it was. She couldn’t remember, but told me to go to King’s Nursery a few blocks away because they would know (and I would love the nursery). She asked me to text the photos I took to her nephew because she doesn’t have a computer or a smart phone.

I love how gardens connect people. And that plant I liked? It’s called Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’ or Honeywort. The funny thing is, when I got back home to LA, I discovered I already had some growing in my garden.

Patricia's GardenPatricia's GardenPatricia's GardenPatricia's Garden