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October in My Garden

I think it’s finally fall in Los Angeles. The Liquid Amber trees are starting to turn a brilliant red. The nights and early mornings (the dog wakes me up at 5:30am!) are cool. Daytime is warm and dry, and if you’re very still in the afternoon, you can feel just the tiniest bit of chill in the wind. Fall is very subtle here, but it is also the time when the garden starts to wake up again after the summer’s oppressive heat. The roses are starting to bloom again and my herb garden is starting to recover. It is time to plant again!

I have 5 4′ x 4′ raised beds in my backyard garden and assorted containers in the front. I’d love to rip out what is left of my lawn in front and add some metal feed trough beds and a pomegranate tree. The husband is still holding on to his love of lawn although I am not sure why since it’s pretty brown and more weeds than actual grass. Like shoes that mysteriously ‘appear’ in my closet, I am sure the beds will start to increase.

What tree, honey? Oh, the pomegranate! Don’t you remember how much you love pomegranates? I think it needs us. You get the picture. The wonderful thing about my husband is he will also dig the hole for the tree.

So the backyard beds are finally clear. One bed holds a huge rosemary bush, so I leave that one alone. Two beds will be planted with a mixed cover crop of vetch, peas, oats, barley, and bell beans. Cover crops serve several purposes:

  • They add nitrogen back into the soil, which plants need for healthy leave growth.
  • They provide organic material that can be returned to the soil by tilling and composting.
  • I can feed some of it to my chickens.
  • They help prevent erosion and compaction of the soil

As the weather cools, the roses start to bloom again.Mint getting ready for herbal cocktails!Pansies getting ready to be planted in containers.