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November in My Garden

While I wait for potential clients to decide whether or not to hire me, I contemplate my own garden. It’s November, and in most parts of the country, gardens have been put to bed for the season. It’s already snowing in so many places. Hey, I wore a sweater for most of the day yesterday – it only got up to 68 degrees AND it was cloudy! Unfortunately, I can’t use the excuse of the impending winter to keeping me from garden chores.  My garden has been a bit of a disaster lately, but there’s nothing like having company over to get me moving and cleaning. I am doing a series of DIY terrarium classes in my front yard, so some sprucing up was in order. The tables for the class got set up over the patch of n0-lawn, and I went to work dead heading and popping in some fall color.

Thankfully my white iceberg roses decided to bloom again just in time for the first class. I also planted some drought tolerant plants along my fence (mallow, salvia, and milkweed for attracting butterflies). Now that the two dead Elm trees are gone, there is more sun on the fence. I also planted marigolds (left over from my son’s Dia De Los Meurtos project) and pansies. My beds have all be mulched with the wood chips from the Elm trees, so they look neat. The Wisteria vine on the front porch hasn’t lost its leaves yet. There are newly planted succulents in the pot by the front door.

My guests arrive. They snack on cookies and homemade raspberry basil lemonade, and make terrariums in my garden. Not bad for November.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to join me in my garden to make your own terrarium, there are still spots available. Make your reservation here:

A pot of fall flowers: marigolds, pansies, nasturtiumsWhite iceberg roses bloom several times a year.I’ll show you how to make a mini landscape.