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My Yard Looks Like S#*&!!! (The Cleanup)

I’ll admit it, I spend so much time making beautiful gardens for my clients that I often neglect my own garden. You know, the cobbler’s children have no shoes… The little bit of lawn I have left get mowed when my maintenance gardener decides to show up, I trim my iceberg roses back, so my kids can get out of my car, and I’ll put in some plants here or there when I have left overs or I want to experiment.

That’s the front.

Forget about the back.

My husband and I have been discussing putting in a deck for 2 years now, and I don’t want to invest too much in planting back there, so I put in a few tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers for fresh salads in the summer. The deck will happen. The six chickens also live in back in there own fenced off chicken yard under the giant ash tree.

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a nursery I use often that they would like to feature my yard in a commercial they are filming. Um, sure! (I believe in the say YES! and then freak out way of doing things). Then I realized, my yard kind of looks like crap.

So with my trusty assistant to the rescue, we clipped and pruned and weeded and seeded and planted, and filled up many bags of yard waste. It’s not perfect (gardens are not perfect), but the roses look good.

We’re ready for our close up!

My rooster stands proudly over the newly planted flower bed.California friendly! Sage, lavender, and Calif. poppiesA little bit of water makes the roses so happy!