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My Garden Goals

Happy New Year, garden friends! I don’t really do New Year’s Eve as I can barely stay awake past 10:00PM, but I do love champagne. I also hate new year’s resolutions. What I love about this time of the year is the sense of new beginnings, new and actionable goals, and the knowledge that what we plant and nurture now will sprout and grow and provide us with the sustenance we need throughout the year.

As I write this, it is 55 degrees and blustery in Los Angeles, so it feels like winter. Yes, I know it’s 20 below where you live and snowing. I used to live in Syracuse, NY, so I remember what real winter is. I am thinking about my garden. It suffered a bit of neglect in 2014, but we did put in a dedicated chicken yard, and we removed the 2 dead trees from the front yard, and the roses did really well in spite of the drought. I am also writing down my garden goals for 2015:

1. Plant more perennials along my front fence. I really don’t have time to keep planting annuals every couple of months, and now that the two trees are gone, there is more sun. Lavender, pink daisies, hollyhock, Dianthus have all done well here.

2. Roses. I love old fashioned David Austin roses. I will find/make space to plant at least three. Now is the time to get those orders in for bare root roses!

3. Thin out the Agapanthus. Agapanthus is a very common landscape plant in Los Angeles. I love the lavender flowers that emerge each May, but after a few years the plants look horrible and need to be divided. I am going to outsource this job to my planting assistant.

4. The Edible Garden. Don’t tell my husband, but the front yard herb garden is getting a makeover and will be taking over more of the lawn. I also want to have a raised bed for winter squash and pumpkins. I also would like to plant a pomegranate tree.

So tonight, I am pouring a glass of bubbly; snuggling up with the husband and the boys; and marking all the seeds I am ordering in my 2015 garden porn seed catalogs I’ve received.

What are your garden goals?

My front yard in summer. We removed the dead and diseased Elm trees.My back yard vegetable garden in spring.