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Jardesca Verde…What I’m Drinking this Week

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a lovely California aperitif called Jardesca. Its beautiful bottle and botanical notes of mint, orange blossom, apricots, and grapefruit make it the perfect aperitif to drink with friends in the garden before dinner to whet the appetite and get the party going.

Since mint is is the herb of the week, I wanted to find a cocktail that was refreshing, sophisticated, and fun. The Jardesca Verde fits the bill perfectly. It’s like all the best parts of a summer garden in a glass. I highly recommend seeking Jardesca out if you live in California or ordering online here if you don’t.

Cheers! Please sip responsibly.

Jardesca Verde

  • Muddle Basil or Mint in a stem less wine glass or rocks glass
  • Add ice
  • Pour in three fingers (3 oz.) of Jardesca California Aperitiva
  • Add a splash of mineral water

Jardesca’s beautiful bottleAlways serve well chilledKeeping fresh mint in a cup of water until we’re ready to use it for the cocktail.