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Honey Kissed Rosemary- What I’m drinking this week

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My goal is to introduce you to a culinary herb each week, and then show you how to drink it. Well, someone (probably the new kitten) dropped my iPhone on the floor, so I was no longer able to upload my photos. The bar at which I spent my Friday night ended up being the Genius Bar as the Apple store. I couldn’t understand why no one would take my cocktail order. So, new phone in hand, photos are uploaded, and glasses are filled. Cheers!

Honey Kissed Rosemary



Pull a few leaves from the bottom of the rosemary sprig and rub them around the rim of a highball glass. Discard the leaves. Add ice to the glass and pour in honey liqueur, ginger ale, and a squirt of lime. Pop the rosemary sprig in the glass and stir gently to combine. Makes one drink.

Please sip responsibly!

Honey Kissed Rosemary