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A Garden Etsy Treasury

It’s still 100+ degrees out, and I’m itching to get into the garden to pull out all of the dead and dying remnants of my summer garden. I want to prep for fall, plant for fall, get moving into fall already! (Patience is not my strong suit). I’m sitting inside hoping the garden doesn’t spontaneously burst into flames and that my chickens don’t die of heat stroke – don’t worry, they’re getting plenty of ice water and watermelon.

So instead of being outside, I’ve created a garden Treasury on Etsy for your viewing enjoyment. For those of you who don’t know what an Etsy Treasury is, it’s a curated gallery of Etsy items that fit into a particular theme. I love to promote other artists and makers, so please check them out! You can also check out my Etsy Shop.

Here is the link to the full Treasury: Garden Greens.

Wexford Cottage – Stone Garden Art – Stone Cottage from the little white barn coWomen’s Fitted T Shirt – Veggie Garden from One Lane RoadSucculent Wreath Kit 12 inch diameter from Succulent SalonNasturtiums and Spotted Towhee: Box of 8 A2 folding blank cards from Drenculture